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Amongst leading SEO & PPC Agencies in Cornwall, Creative Steam help you reach your online potential...

Attaining worthy positions on search engines is an exact science; there is a very thin margin of error. Any work undertaken without adequate forethought could be detrimental to your cause, which is why our SEO in Cornwall is measured and analysed, to ensure that each course of action is in the best interests of your site.

Our online marketing team have also recently attained professional certification in AdWords - meaning whether you're looking for assistance with your AdWords PPC campaigns or natural listing, we are proficient at each..
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The process of attaining high positions in Google is something that all business owners crave in 2016. As potential customers are moving online, websites and businesses want to be where their audience is searching – on page 1 of Google. Here at Creative Steam, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our objectives are in complete alignment, making sure that they are educated as to what work has been undertaken and plans to move forward until these positions are achieved.

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  • Optimising Title Tags
  • Optimising Meta Data
  • Optimising On-Page Content
  • Internal Link Building
  • Alt-tags and Image Title Tags
  • Rich Snippets

On-Site SEO

Quality Content, Internal Linking, Meta Data and more...
Amongst leading SEO Cornwall experts, we know on-site SEO is paramount and is often the first step toward earning those much sought after rankings. This method involves ensuring that each aspect of your site is as attractive to both Search Engines and Users as it can be. Alongside clean navigation, structure & build, image names & alt tags, the individual activities we perform are numerous, dependent on the client and not limited to - the altering of title tags, content and meta-data.

These activities is often performed alongside off-site SEO in order to produce the most effective results.

Off-Site SEO

Recent algorithm updates have dictated that now more than ever off-site SEO is about quality rather than quantity. This is why we focus on producing quality links and copy, on relevant and high page rank sites. These backlinks are often referred to as a vote of confidence intended to solidify your standing and establish your relevance to Google Search Engines. Of course, completing the work all at once would be wholly unnatural so we focus on producing the work steadily over time without creating a pattern – keeping your link profile natural.

  • Article Creation and Submission
  • Directory entries
  • Web 2.0 Pages
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Analytics & Data Tracking
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Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management (Or PPC)

Here at Creative Steam, we have in-house Google AdWords Certified Professionals in Search. Being qualified to assist our Cornish clients with their AdWords requirements & being AdWords Certified in Cornwall, allows us to put our knowledge into PPC campaigns to get the best return for our clients.

PPC is a fantastic means of cutting out the time inherent in SEO and instead allows you to reach number one within Google search engines immediately. For those who aren’t familiar with Google AdWords, you essentially bid amongst competitors for the amount you’re willing to spend on each click to your website. Our Google AdWords Management Package is a separate service that we provide for a modest management fee – it allows you to effectively target those that are currently seeking out your products and services online.

Social Media Management

You cannot talk about Online Marketing or Digital Campaigns without discussing social media, the number one activity on the web. We can work with your social media profiles, or build them ourselves - posting engaging tweets, updates, photos and offers that are entirely in sync with your brand image or how you wish to be perceived. Social media is also an extremely efficient means of increasing website traffic and showcasing products and services, if used correctly. Content is always passed by our clients to ensure the protection of brand image.

Social Media