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Mobile Websites in Cornwall

Adapting to the Multi-Screen Era in 2016 with Responsive Web Design

Now more than ever it is essential to engage with consumers on every type of screen, it is vital that businesses to adapt to this unwavering trend in web consumption if they are to thrive. Since April 21st 2015, Google have now taken a step up in delivering the best results for their users by putting responsive websites above regular websites throughout the search engine when viewed on a mobile device.

Many businesses now come to us in search of this specific form of web design and here at Creative Steam, and we are able to deliver. Most of our time is divided between three core media devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops – so it is more important than ever before that they are incorporated into your web design.

The savvy amongst you will know that understanding the journey that a consumer takes to get to your site is essential – responsive web design is one way of ensuring that whatever step on the route to your site the user is on, it will be a seamless and functional one – one that is likely to result in further conversions. Not only this but many businesses have braise themselves and made the jump following the latest algorithm update from Google – “Mobilegeddon”. Responsive web design creates an abundance of opportunities, allowing potential customers to access your site with ease from their device of choice.

Here at Creative Steam we have already created many responsive websites which have all drastically improved user-experience – should you wish to learn more get in touch with one of our responsive web design specialists. Whether you’re looking for us to completely redesign your website or simply transform your existing into a responsive layout, contact our team today.