Royal Cornwall Show Branding & Identity

The project

Instead of building a new identity from scratch, it was decided instead it would be more beneficial to add value or change the logo the Royal Cornwall Show had.

Creative Director Julyan Mills clarified the concept by saying that “it’s about evolution rather than revolution”. “It felt really important to treat the Show’s popular historical crest with respect and make it an integral part of the new branding.”

For the Royal Cornwall Show 2014, we were asked to rejuvenate their brand by developing new take on an old logo, rather than overhaul it altogether – the plan was to integrate it into print, digital and all other elements of their branding. The result was a natural evolution that delighted our client, as they felt it “reflects the quality and history of the Royal Cornwall Show”.

The result is a far more modern and impactful incarnation of the long established crest – in line with this respect for heritage and tradition, a Cornish blue was chosen as the background colour. Of course, the fifteen bezants of the duchy remain an integral pillar of the design, much the same as the RCS’s crown which came into being when the show was officially titled “royal” in 1858. Whilst we had a regard for the past we tried to simultaneously bring the design into the modern era with the addition of distinct typefaces and bold colours.

Steve Michell, Media and Education Manager for the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association (the organisation behind the Show) is swift to applaud the new-look logo and rebrand.

Services provided
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
Happy client

“We are delighted with the new, fresh branding that Creative Steam has developed for us; and we feel our print and digital image reflects the quality and history of the Royal Cornwall Show.”