OpenCart, WordPress & Magento Security – Patches & Upgrade Packages

OpenCart, WordPress & Magento Patching Maintenance and Upgrade Packages available at Creative Steam

Here at Creative Steam, we have had a large number of our new clients who have been asking for us to provide them with an ongoing maintenance package where we check and upgrade their WordPress, Magento & OpenCart website platforms with patches and in-version upgrades so that they can be sure that their website has the latest security and bug fix patches.

This is where we’re now able to offer a 2-tier package for our clients currently on Magento, OpenCart or WordPress whereby we constantly maintain and upgrade your website platform and install patches to fix any security issues that are opposed with outdated versions. Your website will use a number of plug ins/extensions that are being updated on an increasingly frequent basis, amounting in most cases to several a month. If these patches are not applied, this leaves your website vulnerable to hacking and functionality failures that go undetected until your customers complain about them.

Magento Patches:
Having worked with Magento for several years, our team offer packages to upgrade patches as soon as they become available and upgrade in-version installations of your Magento platform (1.8 > 1.9). Doing this your website is less prone to attackers and puts you in front of your competitor who may not have these things installed.

To check to see if all of the released patches are installed on your website, check out:

For the latest downloads and updates from the Magento Community: –

WordPress Security:
WordPress being an open-source platform too is open to vulnerability. Able to carry out all official WordPress updates as they’re released means that you are at the forefront concerning security patching that can secure your website and any extensions / plugins you may have installed.

Online tool that works through the security issues on your WordPress website –

Check for the latest security issues from the WordPress Community

OpenCart Security:
– Basic security information for OpenCart Users:

Creative Steam Packages:

We have broken this service into two options:

Option 1 – Monthly check and applying all patches to your website and fixing any resulting errors.

Option 2 – Monthly check and applying all patches + in version upgrades to your WordPress platform + the fixing of all errors caused by the patches and in version upgrades.

This is an invaluable and essential service to keep your website platform up to date and secure as it’s possibly can be along with the benefit of their functionality enhancements.

To immediately get this service started and getting your website platform up to date and secure simply contact a member of the team today and discuss the options available to you with the bespoke pricing of these options – dependent on your website platform and it’s size.