“Google Contributor”

Fed up of seeing ads on the websites you visit? Contribute each month and effectively pay for them to be removed!

We all know being in an online business 24/7 that many companies use advertising to gain more income through various mediums. Seeing advertising grow from newspapers and billboards, companies are now swiftly moving to where their potential customers are looking in 2015 – and that’s online! Whether you’re a part of the AdSense programme, or are spending your companies advertising budgets through Display Ads & Re-marketing, no one is a stranger when it comes to being greeted to an advert on numerous websites that you visit daily. When do you visit a website these days when an ad is not visible either in the header, down the sides or as pop-ups?

Launched late 2014 as one of Google’s many experiments, Google’s master Matt Cutts has now released a new blog post concerning some of its many “pros” of the Google Contributor tool… What’s that we hear you ask.


Google Contributor – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Google Contributor is one of Google’s newest experiments. You can set up a “Contributor account” and make payments each month to effectively bid for these perpetual ads not to be displayed on certain websites, whilst the advertisers still continue to bid for them TO be displayed.

As a contributor, once the ad has been removed you will see a “thank you” message displayed instead, or as Matt Cutts has explained… Anything you like, provided on a custom URL (it has to be served over HTTPS though!)

So How Much Do You Have To Pay To Be A Part Of This?


On the official Google Contributor website it gives some statistics on how much you can choose to donate and the percentage of ads you’re less likely to see by doing so. From $2 – $10 (£1.31 – £6.57) per month, you can see up to 50% less ads on your favourite websites, cool huh?

As Google constantly mention you’re paying to see more content from your favourite website, but is this the right approach to doing so? We all know websites who are part of the Google Partnership programme get paid to display Google Ads, so instead of the publisher getting paid through this, they receive small contributions from visitors who do not want to see the ads on every visit, every day – with Google acting as the middle man.

Which Websites Can I Contribute Towards?

Being in its early stages, at present there are only around 10-15 websites (all US based) in which you can contribute to. As more publishers sign up to be a part of this, then this service will become widely available. Only available in the US at present, we’re sure it won’t be long until its available in the UK too… if it takes off as hoped!

Here Comes The Main Con…

On much of the promotional material we’ve seen so far, Google have been stating: “When visiting a participating website, part of your contribution goes to the creators of that site.” ..the key thing being “part”. So only a small amount of your contribution is to reach the publishing website!

Google are yet to state any sort of amount they are likely to make through this tool, but our guess is quite a bit if it’s to take off. Whether you choose to see the ads or not, Google will receive money – which is always their key aim.

Your Thoughts…

Got a favourite website you use daily but is caught up in Google’s AdSense? Would you ever pay them for their hosted ads to be removed?