Client: Proper Cornish & Furniss Foods

We are pleased to have recently launched new websites for Furniss Foods and the parent company Proper Cornish.

With the old websites being un-engaging, the team at Proper Cornish approached us knowing our many years’ experience in developing Magento ecommerce websites and WordPress could radically transform their appearance online and for customers forthcoming to both websites.

Each requiring different functionality, we approached them in entirely different ways. With the design team in Cornwall working closely with Creative Director – Julyan Mills and the team at Proper Cornish, we aimed to create a personal identity for both of the websites to target many categories of people and to fulfil many individual requirements instant approval payday loans Green-Touch online loans.

Furniss Foods:

Furniss Foods, also known as Furniss Biscuits, are known amongst Cornwall expanding across the UK as a leading biscuit manufacturer. With the website built in Magento, the website carries facilities to order biscuits online and is merely more than just a commercial supplier – With members of the public being able to buy online too. more about Reishi Wellness


Furniss is now the only company in the world licensed to make The Original Cornish Fairing™ which is available nation-wide, and with the website supporting a clear layout and easy navigation, visitors to the website are able to browse and order with ease.

Built with a responsive web design, the website is now also supported on all devices – Ordering Furniss Biscuits from your mobile will never be easier! Moving into a rapidly growing digital world, it was important for the business to have it developed in such a way that it will appear to a broad audience who use PC’s, Mobiles & Tablets.

Alongside the ecommerce element, the website also has a “Latest Recipes” section, so you too can try creating a masterpiece with Furniss’ expertise:

To view the new website, visit:

Proper Cornish:

When you hear the name Proper Cornish, Cornish Pasties immediately come to mind. Being one of the leading Cornish Pasties and baked good suppliers throughout not only to region, but across the UK, we were commissioned to carry out a re-design and build for the Proper Cornish website.


With its primary focus on displaying the sumptuous range of luxury baked goods available from the company, it is built on WordPress and again to a Responsive Website Design.

With a large range of pasty flavours available, the website has been designed with an engaging, clean and easy navigation in order for customers to be able to see this vast selection in a simple way. Unlike Furniss Foods, the website for Proper Cornish is simply for browsing, with conversions being completed through telephone enquiries and a contact form online. With their primary dealings being businesses, contact them today if you’re looking at becoming a stockist.

To view the website, visit: